Online Drumming for the Beginner

drums-588813_1280Some people think that playing the drums is easy: there’s nothing to it. Just grab some sticks and hit the tom-tom or snare over and over in time to a beat. Of course, is a more complicated and sophisticated skill than you might have imagined with styles from all over the world and across several decades. Jazz is very different from reggae; rock and pop are similar but not the same. How does the beginner recognize these differences and learn to emulate them? He can start his journey with any number of online drum lessons.

Benefits of Learning Online

Drumming is seen by many people as a form of stress relief. An individual comes home from work or school and doesn’t want to go out again into traffic. If he could just learn more about this hobby without going anywhere he would be happy, and now he can. Fortunately there are far more choices today than even as recently as 15 years ago, and learning an instrument online can afford almost anyone a way to develop his skill, possibly for free, as long as he has a drum kit – or even just a few pieces – at home and neighbors or family members don’t mind the noise.

With the internet, people can learn to play even if they live a long way from the nearest music school. They have the opportunity to pick up a skill when they can’t afford to hire a teacher. Many of these online teaching sites offer lessons free of charge. Learn at your own pace and determine which sort of style you really want to get better at.

Different Styles and Techniques

Rock drummers hit their playing surfaces pretty hard and they are moving very quickly. It’s not unusual to see outstanding artists give extensive solos too. Think of your favorite rock drummers and try to do what they do. R&B is a little less energetic; a source of background rhythm to keep the style moving forward when the beat could easily become lost due to vocal and guitar improvisation. Latin music involves a complex style of percussion that is tough to learn. You might have heard Latin beats at a club where musicians play Salsa and Meringue. There are several jazz styles but one interesting fact about jazz techniques is that musicians often use brushes to create a cool, soft tone.

Picking up the Basics

While you can learn skills taught by variety of teachers online, there is another way to use the internet to pick up techniques: watch drummers on YouTube videos. Follow the way they play. A thorough study of this instrument involves a blend of listening to rhythm, style, and tone, watching hand movements, and reading about the history of drumming with its multicultural influences and nuances. Blend all of this information together and you can become a sought-after, flexible percussionist able to emulate many types and to work with various musicians. You could become a paid player or simply enhance the pleasure of enjoying your kit at home.