Teaching Kids the Beat

children-246847_1280The best time to learn any new skill is when you are young. The mind absorbs new information rapidly and easily, more easily than in adolescence. This goes for learning music and how to play any instrument, including the drums. Percussion instruments are often recommended for youngsters with a lot of excess energy as a way to let it out creatively without hurting anyone or being disruptive in school and at home. Playing the drums is also fun for any kid with rhythm and an interest in music regardless of his or her temperament.

Online Lessons – For Kids, by Kids

Music lessons become expensive when you add up all those hours with a tutor and the cost of buying equipment. If a student can find a second-hand drum kit in good condition, however, there are a number free lessons available on the web. One site is even run by a youngster who has been playing since he was very small and now wishes to pass on what he knows to anyone who wants to learn. Parents who can’t afford lessons can help their children find this guy online and get started with the very basics of learning to play.

Then there is Learning from Adults

Age isn’t important: everyone has to start somewhere and a kid is just like any other beginner when it comes to learning to play an instrument. In this case, he has to learn how to roll, use sticks and brushes, and effective dynamics. His lessons will involve theory and musical notation. The lessons will move him through various techniques like variations of Dragadiddle and Ratamacue. A good drummer understands how styles like jazz and blues techniques differ from each other, but the teacher will start a child from the beginning.

Lessons progress from a basic knowledge of how to use hi-hat, snare, and kick-drum to coordinating these parts into routines. Students develop speed and strength in both the left and right side. At the start, most players are stronger on one side than the other, but soon a pupil feels equally coordinated from both directions.

Adult drummers are like role models to a young beginner. Of course, he also learns that even famous musicians started at the beginning. He sees what his skills could look like in a few years if he keeps on practicing and is encouraged to follow along with routines created by some of the best drummers of all time.

Benefits of Allowing Children to Learn Online

Parents with many children simply can’t get them to all the dance, piano, soccer, and music practices out there: there is too little time and not enough money for the average mom and dad. Single parents have it even harder, juggling work and kids. With online tuition, youngsters only need access to a computer. Add headphones, a decent internet feed, and some encouragement and your aspiring drummer will be ready to learn without much parental supervision, especially if they are motivated to pick up this new skill.