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But, Why Though?

Setting goals is great! Setting specific, measurable, time-sensitive goals is even better! But, we must never forget WHY we are setting our goals. Why do you want to learn every song on that Bob Marley album? Why do you want to join a band? Why do you want to learn a new instrument? This applies to more than just musical goals. It applies to any and all goals. Why do you wish to start exercising? Why do you want to take on more or less overtime at work? Why do you want to travel more? While goals are the destination, our reasons for setting these goals are the fuel that propels us towards them.

When we first set a goal, our reasons for setting said goal are fresh in the mind, compelling us to enthusiastically take the first step or even leap. What often naturally happens over time as we work towards any goal, is that we lose momentum and passion somewhere amidst the grind. This is because, while working so hard for so long, we forget our WHY. We lose sight of our reasons for setting our goals in the first place.

How do we help to maintain our momentum as we strive towards our goals? Regularly reminding ourselves why we set our goals in the first place. Here are some powerful and effective examples of why we set goals:

- To be happier

- To find love

- To have more free time

- To have more financial freedom

- To provide a better life for our family

These are all great reasons for setting goals. The more powerful and compelling our reasoning, the more consistently persistent we'll be in our pursuit.

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