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Perks of Private Lessons

The internet is an incredible resource that we can use to learn all kinds of things, including how to play the drums. I myself have found tons of useful information regarding drumming on the internet. While online drum tutorials are a great tool available to almost anyone, they fall short of another available option: private drum lessons. Learning alone is good, but learning with a seasoned professional is even better! With private drum lessons, you receive many benefits that you won't find in online video tutorials:

  • Asking Questions

- With private drum lessons, students can ask their teacher any question that comes to mind at any time during lessons. The teacher will then provide an immediate answer, using insight from their relevant experience.

  • Goal Setting

- While it's completely possible for any beginner drummer to set their own goals, most of them won't know how to set proper, attainable goals. Private drum teachers will know exactly how each student's goals should be planned out based on their individual interests.

  • Motivation

- Some people are naturally motivated and maintain a high level of drive most of the time. This is not everyone. Some people require a little assistance to stay motivated and on track, and there is nothing wrong with that! Proper private drum lessons offer a constant stream of motivation by ensuring students are always working on material they want to play. What about the “boring essentials?” Not a problem! Any good teacher will assign the “boring essentials” in a thoughtful way that is fun, exciting, and ultimately conducive to maintaining interest and motivation!

I hope you found this post to be insightful and helpful in your decision to enroll yourself or your child in private drum lessons. There are many more perks we could cover here, but I'll leave you with these few important ones.

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