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Who Gets The Gig?

Two drummers are auditioning for the same band. The first drummer is an incredible player, but is rude and standoffish. The second drummer isn't as good of a player as the first, but is very friendly and a pleasure to be around. The second drummer is competent and can play the required material just fine.

Which drummer do you think is more likely to get the gig? If you answered the second drummer, you're correct!

Although the first drummer is a phenomenal player, they likely won't be chosen for the gig due to their unfriendly demeanor. The second drummer will most likely get the call back because, not only can they play the required material, but they are likeable and pleasant to be around. In any band, it's very important that the members get along, since they will spend a lot of time together.

When it comes to being a working musician, being friendly pays off!

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