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Choosing the Right Pair

Which drumsticks should you use? This is a question every drummer has at one point or another. With so many different types of sticks available, it can seem difficult to determine which ones suite you best. Luckily, the answer is actually pretty simple: It all comes down to personal preference. I personally prefer a medium-weight stick with some extra length. I didn't find my preferred stick over night. I tried many different sticks over the years before landing on the ones I use now.

To find the right pair of sticks for you, you'll want to head to your local music store and try out as many different sticks as possible. Don't just test out sticks on a practice pad, but actually sit down at a drum kit and see how the sticks sound and feel when played on drum heads and cymbals. Every stick will have its own unique sound and feel. Some sticks have more attack, while others are more subtle. Some sticks are top-heavy and some are bottom-heavy. Some sticks are all-around heavier than others. Some sticks are thinner than others. These are just a few of the attributes that vary widely between different drumsticks. Selecting your preferred stick is all about what feels and sounds the best to you personally. It's also important to consider the type(s) of music you play. You may prefer a heavier stick when playing hard rock, and a lighter stick when playing jazz.

When it comes to selecting the right pair of sticks for kids ages 10 and under, I recommend 1 of 2 options, depending on the drum kit that the child is using. If the child is playing on a kid drum set, which is way smaller than a normal set, I recommend they use kid drumsticks, which are available through several different companies. These drumsticks are much thinner and shorter than standard sticks. If the child is playing on a normal drum set, I recommend they use the Vic Firth Peter Erskine signature sticks. These are full-length sticks that allow the child to reach every part of the kit, but are very thin and easy for children to wrap their hands around and hold comfortably.

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