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Make it Last

One of the great things about studying the drums is that we can learn and improve for many many years. We can grow in our playing year after year until we reach an old enough age where we physically can’t play anymore. There are plenty of phenomenal drummers out there going strong in their 50’s! The better we take care of ourselves, the more years of drumming we get to enjoy.

How do we preserve our drumming ability as we age?

By avoiding injury and taking care of our health.

It helps to focus on these things:


When we repeatedly do any particular activity

over and over, the muscles used in that activity

can become injured from overuse. Regularly

stretching is a great way to reduce the risk of

drumming-related overuse injuries.

Proper Technique

The drums are a very physical instrument that demand we literally hit them. Fun, right? Of course! What’s NOT fun is when we hurt ourselves from hitting the drums repeatedly with poor technique. It is very important for the longevity of our drumming that we use proper technique, which greatly reduces our chances of injury.

Healthy Lifestyle

This one is a no-brainer. The healthier we are, the more resilient our bodies are. The more resilient our bodies are, the less likely we are to get injured and the faster we recover. Between regular exercise, healthy diet, vitamins, and proper sleep, there are plenty of ways we can improve our overall health, increasing the length of our drumming careers.

Drumming is great fun! Why not make it last?

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