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Stick Flip Flop

Stick tricks are cool to see, but should they be a priority? It depends.

We all like to see drummers flip their sticks at live shows, because well, it's cool! With that said though, we need to keep in mind these drummers are performing these stick tricks because they already have the music down pat, and are looking to add some additional flair to the already solid performance. While stick tricks are a lot of fun for both drummers and audiences, they should only be a potential priority after the drummer has all of their parts prepared. Stick tricks are great for adding a little something something, but only after the music is already nice and tight. This isn't to say there's anything wrong with learning how to twirl sticks in our downtime, but we need to be mindful not to apply these tricks to our performances until we've got our parts totally ready. No drummer or audience wants to hear the beat (unintentionally) drop, just so a stick can be haphazardly flipped.

In conclusion, us drummers should always prioritize the music itself first before throwing in those good ol' stick tricks. If the drum parts are solid, then go for it. Add a little extra icing to that cake!

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