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Take a Step Back

We've all been there, where we're practicing one particular section of a song over and over again, and we reach a point where we start making more and more mistakes, when we should be making less. This can be incredibly frustrating. There is comfort to be found, however, in the fact that this a common occurrence that can be overcome. Here's how.

The solution here is simple! Just take a step back. When we play one thing so many times that it actually starts to sound worse, we should stop playing that part for a moment. We can take a break from the kit for a good 10 minutes or so, maybe grab a snack, or go for a short walk outside. What we do exactly isn't very important, but what is crucial is that we take a break from what we're currently practicing. It's amazing how much better we can play after a quick break. This is because our attention span is not infinite. Think of it like a muscle. Our attention span gets tired just like our muscles do, so we should give it a break when it's exhausted. Our playing will thank us!

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